Please read and check the box below to agree. This Fall… we will launch the 5th annual NABOB MSI at the AUC, and our primary goal is… safety! DUE TO COVID-19… The 2021 Media Sales Institute (MSI) scheduled for Oct 25th – Nov 4, 2021; will adhere to the AUC and CDC Fall 2021… COVID Protocols. It is mandatory that all MSI participants, facilitators and staff to be inoculated with one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved vaccines. Being vaccinated will help protect the MSI community from contracting and spreading COVID-19 and its variants*. This decision has been made in concert with our Atlanta University Center partners, which ALL mandate the above requirements. If accepted into this year’s class and before you arrive for the opening on (October 25, 2021), you will need to provide documented proof of your vaccination/inoculation. We thank you in advance for your help in following the established MSI guidelines and protocols… known as the … MSI PLEDGE TO “SELF” AND “COMMUNITY” … SAFETY!