Jeffrey Myers, Principal, of PSP 1, LLC a media management and personnel organizational development company based in Maryland,  has two divisions; Personal Selling Principles servicing the private sector; specializing in revenue development by improving internal and external communications and Personal Skills & Principles servicing the public sector; specializing in human capitol strategies and organizational “SYNERGIES” that focus on improving productivity. Jeffrey has over 39 years of media sales and management experience in radio and television. He has worked for ABC, CBS, NBC, PAX TV and Westinghouse Broadcasting.

Personal Selling Principles (PSP), developed the Media Sales Institute (MSI) Program in 1999, launched it at Howard University in 2000 and expanded its program to Florida A&M University in 2006.  The MSI program expanded to include military veterans (Post 9/11), career changers and college graduates at the AUC in Atlanta, GA. PSP 1’s team of facilitators have over 150 years of management and leadership experience combined.