MSI Participants    

The candidates come from over fifty different colleges and universities to attend the Media Sales Institutes held at Florida A&M University, Howard University and the University of North Texas each year. Upon completion of the MSI candidates have begun their media sales careers in both national and locally owned media companies, all over the country.

Candidate's quote:

"I have never taken a course in sales "said Campbell. "This program (MSI) taught me how to gather information, how to utilize resources and demonstrate that information to clients. I also learned a lot about utilizing time with clients based on the amount of business the client would generate."

Hortensia Campbell, Account Executive, Gannett - Atlanta GA

"I made one of the best decisions of my life, when I attended the Media Sales Institute (MSI) at FAMU. The MSI inspired me to look towards my future, in which I see ownership. I owe a lot of my success to the spectacular program and everyone involved ... Thanks MSI!!" 

Earl Sampson, Account Executive, Petry Media - Los Angeles CA


The Media Sales Institute (MSI) would not be possible without the generous contribution of time and energy of media executives, such as Ms. Abby Auerbach, Executive VP of the Television Advertising Bureau (TVB), and Mr. Julian Davis, Director of Urban Media Services for Arbitron to highlight a few. Thanks to each and every executive who give their time and energy.

A Presenter's quote:

"The Media Sales Institute was a rewarding experience for me and hopefully the students learned something about the Radio Advertising Bureau. It was great to feel the enthusiasm that the students have about the radio industry."
Van Allen, EVP/CFO, Radio Advertising Bureau



Media sales recruiters invest two full days to watch, critique and hire the pre-qualified sales candidates selected for the program.  Each MSI candidate has to present a real product/life sales presentation in front of all of the recruiters.

Each media company has a private "meet and greet" room to spend quality time with each candidate. In addition to the private meet and greets, the media companies also have the opportunity to have lunch with many of the candidates.


A Interviewer's quote:

"For over 7 years, Katz Media Group and the media sales industry has benefited from PSP's innovative staff development program known as the Media Sales Institute" 

Brian Knox, Sr. V.P., Director Corporate Diversity, KATZ Media Group